Farm at sunset

We are a collective of Harrolds that choose to live together in rural southern Ontario. Yup! Three generations living side-by-side on one homestead. Grandpa and Grandma Harrold reside in an addition to the original farmhouse, where Dad and Mom Harrold live with the three wee Harrolds.

We did not always live together, nor in the country, for that matter. Originally, we Harrolds were city dwellers, calling Toronto and its suburbs home. The first nine years of our marriage saw Dad and Mom Harrold living in several Canadian cities. But we had a dream – a dream of raising a family in the country. Grandpa and Grandma also had a dream – a dream of retiring in the country. As we were all soon to discover, dreams can come true… just not the way we initially imagined.

On a lark, Dad and Mom visited a rural listing that Grandma found in the local newspaper. We instantly fell head-over-heels in love with the property and gushed about its current beauty and future potential. Discussions soon ensued and a plan was hatched that would see everyone fulfill their dream for country living.

We have lived together in our country home since November 2011. We have shared together in the celebrations and heartaches of life. We have realized the idyllic moments of a rural utopia and have come face-to-face with the challenges of country living.

Now we want to share the lessons we’ve learned and the experiences we’ve had. Like our home, so this blog is a collaborative endeavour. While our menfolk spare only a few words, Grandma and Mom have much to tell about leaving life in the city and embracing country dreams.

We hope you like what you see and visit often.

The Harrolds