How to Fix a Grandchild’s Sleeping Foot

Posted by Grandma on September 27, 2016

The entire family was gathered at my eldest son’s house. All the adults were in the kitchen helping in one phase or another of after supper clean up. There were dishes to be taken care of and the all important, who wants what leftover to take home. Empty and full containers were being passed about as the fridge opened and closed. This was all part of one of our family gatherings. As I’m sure it is in many other homes.

When my eldest granddaughter slipped into the kitchen and told me that her foot was asleep and wouldn’t wake up I said, “here sit down. Grandma knows just what to do.” She sat down on one of the chairs. I gently picked up the sleeping foot and leaned in close. I fully intended to kiss it but instead something made me yell. “WAKE UP!” Well everyone in the kitchen immediately stopped what they were doing. Some jumped, others dropped whatever and I’m pretty sure pants were almost wet. But my granddaughter laughed a belly busting laugh and tore out of the room foot now fully awake.

After explaining why I yelled the adults were not mollified. Even less so when my son had to go into the other room and halt the rousing game of Wake Up! my granddaughter had started. She didn’t explain anything, just ran up to her cousin and yelled “Wake up!” who in turn ran to another cousin. Next thing you knew seven little ones were all running around yelling: “Wake up!”

Well, I tell you. The looks I got. The one who started it all is the one to blame. But you know what? Some nights when going to sleep I remember and still get a chuckle.