A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Posted by Grandma on June 27, 2016

Losing your first tooth is such a dramatic thing when you are five years old. My granddaughter was so excited that a tooth fairy would be coming to exchange her tooth for money. In fact couldn’t wait till bedtime. This made me remember the time I lost my first tooth over sixty years ago. The family was living with my grandparents at the time. I too was excited and especially so when I discovered she had left me a whole nickel. What I could do with a nickel at the candy counter. The black balls were my favourite. They lasted the longest and you could pop them in and out of your mouth checking to see what colour they had changed to. One morning, not long after, the house was awoken in the early hours. Not the children though as they were too young to assist in the search. Grandma, who left her false upper plate in a glass jar by the sink, said her teeth were missing. Every adult was in on the search but they couldn’t be found. Grandma went to work on the streetcar early that morning to do her job as a seamstress on Spadina.   When I got up hours later to go to kindergarten I was sorely disappointed to find grandma’s teeth still under my pillow. Mom said that I’d be lucky if that was all that was going to be sore when grandma got home. Well, luckily for me the entire thing was found to be very funny by her, in fact she even stated that I was bound to be an entrepreneur.