Fund Raiser: Rentable Education Center!

We are finding a lot of places starting to require vaccinations and or masks to get in. We want a place that better represents our free country. Based on our foudations as a Christian country with freedom, not mandates. We would use it to start running lessons on regenerative agriculture, filling a pantry or larder, and things like scratch cooking for all your meals.

Welcome To Our Country Home!

We are a three generation family that left behind life in the big city to live the country dream. Since our move in 2011, we’ve striven to make ourselves more self-reliant and self-sufficient while embracing family-based living. If you’re curious to know more, check out Our Story.

We are happy to share our bounty of real food! By real food, we mean food that is grown in a beyond-organic fashion. We use the methods of regenerative agriculture to work within nature’s framework to grow nourishing food using earth-healing practices. At Shop you can learn what we have available now and what future offerings are in the works.

Food CSA

We operate a Community Supported Agriculture operation on our homestead. We offer in-season, nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as eggs, honey, and maple syrup. We have just begun our pork production journey with four kunekune piglets. If you want to learn more, or wish to join, visit Food CSA.

Our Blog

What’s happening at Harrold Country Home? What crazy adventures have the children come up with? What’s the latest addition to the homestead? This is Our Blog, a spot for us to share our stories with other people who are considering modern homesteading and country living. Or for those who are just curious to know what crazy schemes we’re up to.

We find pleasure in using locally grown or sourced ingredients in our food. Over time, we’ve come to favour particular recipes and have developed some of our own. We share these under Recipes.

We hope you find Harrold Country Home a refreshing and honest site and choose to make it a place you visit often!