— September 11, 2017

I Blog for Mother Earth News

Harrold Country Home is part of the online community of people looking to live wisely.

— August 21, 2017

Pausing for Beauty with Nature Notebooks

Keeping Nature Notebooks develops a keen sense of observation and a wonder of nature.

— August 14, 2017

Insects in the Orchard - Friend or Foe?

We have a lot to learn about the insects that live in our orchard!

— July 27, 2017

Little Brother Finds His Voice

Life can be tough for a little brother with two older sisters. Should go along with their play or invent his own?

— July 24, 2017

From Free Range to Pasture

Our reasons for converting from a free ranging flock to a pastured flock.

— July 20, 2017

Country Pets

Do chickens and toads make good pets?

— July 4, 2017

Grandma's Golf-cart Safari

Whatever age you are, nature is always full of wonders to discover.

— June 27, 2017

Of Chickens and Children

The girls try to treat our flock of hens as cuddly pets; but neither the hens nor the rooster are appreciative of the attention.

— June 5, 2017

Easing Those Aches and Pains

Our favourite homeopathic remedies for everyday use.

— May 9, 2017

An Orchard is Born

We expand our county home to include an orchard.

— April 25, 2017

Welcome Chickens!

After a brief hiatus, we once again have chickens. This time we welcomed not a dozen, but 30 laying hens.

— March 30, 2017

Growing Organically - Crop Rotation

Rotate the crops growing in your garden to reduce soil-borne pests, optimize nutrient recycling, and take advantage of companion…

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