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We are a three generation family that left behind life in the big city to live the country dream. Since our move in 2011, we’ve strived to make ourselves more self-reliant and self-sufficient while embracing family-based living.

This blog is a spot for us to share our stories with other people who are considering modern homesteading, permaculture, country living, or multiple generations living side-by-side. Specifically, we want to share our experiences in home education, home grown foods, home improvements, home landscaping and home cooking; all the while living in a multi-generation home.

We’ve grouped our posts into the following categories:

  • Home Improved - our adventures in turning a 23 acre property and a 150 year old house into our homestead
  • Home Landscaped - the trials and lessons in the maintenance and evolution of our gardens
  • Home Grown - how we work to produce our own food and apply permaculture methods
  • Home Made - our favourite things to create and make use of 
  • Home Educated - our journey through homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method
  • Home Invaded - our personal stories of three generations living in close proximity

Grandma likes to write poetry from time to time and shares some of them in our Poetry Corner

We find pleasure in using locally grown or sourced ingredients in our food. Over time, we've come to favour particular recipes and to develop some of our own. We share these under the Recipes tab.

We hope you find Harrold Country Home a refreshing and honest site and choose to make it a place you visit often!

Part of our goal is to hear from people who know what they are doing who can help us get to where we are heading.  All the while hoping to help others make the move into the country or into being more self sufficient with less of the mistakes that we are making.  So if you would like to get an account to post comments, give us some tips, or ask us some questions just fire us an email and we will get you setup.

Recent Articles

Welcoming Bluebirds to our Country Home

We've wanted bluebirds to use our nest boxes for years and finally discovered the reason (and the solution) for why they…

Embracing Tea - Part 2

Homegrown herbal teas are more than a pleasant alternative for tea time.

Embracing Tea - Part 1

Green and black teas offer many beneficial compounds that boost one's physical health. If you don't have a tea habit yet, you…

Artisanal Chicken Finds a Niche

Local chicken - it's pastured raised and missing antibiotics, GMOs and fillers.

Putting up the Harvest

The end of summer is a busy time for us as we take advantage of all the local produce that floods the farmer's markets.

I Blog for Mother Earth News

Harrold Country Home is part of the online community of people looking to live wisely.

Pausing for Beauty with Nature Notebooks

Keeping Nature Notebooks develops a keen sense of observation and a wonder of nature.

Insects in the Orchard - Friend or Foe?

We have a lot to learn about the insects that live in our orchard!

Little Brother Finds His Voice

Life can be tough for a little brother with two older sisters. Should go along with their play or invent his own?

From Free Range to Pasture

Our reasons for converting from a free ranging flock to a pastured flock.

Country Pets

Do chickens and toads make good pets?

Grandma's Golf-cart Safari

Whatever age you are, nature is always full of wonders to discover.

Of Chickens and Children

The girls try to treat our flock of hens as cuddly pets; but neither the hens nor the rooster are appreciative of the attention.

Easing Those Aches and Pains

Our favourite homeopathic remedies for everyday use.

An Orchard is Born

We expand our county home to include an orchard.

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Recent Recipes

A Slice of Summer in January: Peach Pie

Way back in the summer when peaches were in season, I had made a peach pie filling. We enjoyed eating that pie; a taste of summer in January.

Creamy Rhubarb Tart

Spring is the time to find Rhubarb ripe and ready for the picking and the eating!

Butternut Squash Loaf

We discover a new way to enjoy our harvest of Butternut Squash: baked into a loaf and spread with butter. Yum!
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